Thursday, 6 February 2014

Iron Man in Avengers

My heart palpitated wildly against my chest. I was in the middle of an epic battle with a flying alien. It had flippers that were sharp as a blade, a horrid face showing no mercy. To the alien itself, I was just one tiny flying man in my suit.
 “I need help desperately! Where are my fellow superheroes when I need them?” I thought.
I realised they felt the same as I. They were scared…
                The Hulk came eventually. He transformed when he saw the alien, punching it with his bare hands. The impact was so strong that the alien got lifted up, causing its armour to rip off. I owed the Hulk one.   
                However, the alien used its last strength and punched me. I fell with a loud ‘thud’ that reverberated throughout the estate. My vision was overwhelmed with black spots and I blacked out…

                I did not know what happened then, but I knew that we had won.

Written by Charis and Julian